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Liebke Tyres provides you with the best quality tyres on the Australian Market
At Liebke Tyres, we provide you with the best quality tyres on the Australian market. 


Falken was founded in 1983 in Japan as a flagship brand of high-performance radial tyres, with a name which represents dynamism, performance and natural elegance. Now, over three decades later, Falken is a high-profile brand focusing on delivering quality products through continual innovation.

Falken is a part of Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI), which is the sixth largest tyre manufacturer in the world. With 11 global tyre manufacturing facilities, SRI produces tyres for passenger cars, light trucks, trucks and buses, motorcycles and agricultural machinery.


Feel the difference and enjoy a pleasant drive on Superia's Ecoblue high quality range of tyres. Modern and state-of-the-art tyres designed by European and Asian engineers ensure top class results when it comes to safety, comfort and overall performance. Our tyres meet the global quality and performance standards and are certified according to international regulations. Due to extensive research and development Superia Ecoblue range respond to the current demands of drivers and vehicles in the international tyre market.


Whether it has been winning over 350 Grand Prix races or being the first tyre used on the moon, Goodyear is famous world over for being at the forefront of tyre technology.


The Goodyear range incorporates technology and advances in tyre design gathered from Goodyear's various research and development teams located around the world. You can feel confident that there is a Goodyear tyre of the highest quality to suit your individual needs. And with a distribution network the envy of the Australian tyre industry, Goodyear should be the tyre you choose first every time.



Synonymous with racing and renowned by drivers all around the world, Bridgestone is the mark of a truly outstanding tyre. This quality is reflected in Bridgestone's Premium Brand range.


Comfort, performance, durability... whatever you're looking for, Bridgestone tyres are the ultimate compliment to your driving experience.



Our tyres are engineered by people who spend their weekends off-roading or at track day events. And they're proven to win in racing competition from Baja to Sebring.

They bring out the performance in racing vehicles and vehicles just like yours.



At Kumho Tyres, we believe in going the distance. Which is why our guarantee is designed to give you 80,000km/60,000km of ‘no worries’ driving on Kumho Road Venture APT KL51 (80,000km) and the Road Venture SAT KL61 (60,000km) fitted to SUV, RV and 4×4 vehicles.


With our ‘no worries’ guarantee, if your tyres don’t last as long as they should, you don’t pay for the miles missed. From Tassie to the Top End, Broome to Byron – wherever you go in Oz, you’re covered. Some people call it peace of mind. We just call it our 80,000km/60,000km tyre guarantee.



Rapid's tyres boast of excellent quality while offering outstanding value for money, to protect not only your wallet but also you or your family on the road. Each tyre is made to international standards, using advanced equipment and premium raw materials. Rigorous product testing processes at all stages - from development to delivering to retailers - are also employed to ensure quality.

A mix of a special silica compound, innovative tread design, and long-lasting grip and durability all come standard with every Rapid tyre regardless of what vehicle they're on. These elements working together will definitely make you notice improved driving performance upon installation.

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